Sergiu Mocanu

"Totuşi, se poate!"


According to the international understanding, “neutrality” means a single thing – non-involvement of a state in military alliances and providing national security means exclusively on its own. In the same context, a military bloc like NATO implies only one thing – collective security. For example, Estonia, a country with a number of citizens comparable to the number of Kharkov city inhabitants from Ukraine, has the same degree of security as the USA, Germany or France.

The “permanent neutrality” of the Republic of Moldova has always been a unique phenomenon, which is bizarre and inconsistent with the system of international relations because this state has a part of its territory occupied by the army of the Russian Federation, as a result it makes the Republic of Moldova a weak, blackmailed and blackmailable state. This leads us to the idea of a puppet state. The Republic of Moldova is a “disguised puppet” of the German and Russian interests, which in the context of Putin’s war against Ukraine is slowly gaining the status of a collaborating state of the Russian Federation.

From the first day of the war, the Moldovan government leaders excluded the words “Zelenski” and “the Ukrainian government” from the public speaking, and even if it criticized Russia’s aggression, it used the term exclusively in relation to the “Ukrainian people” or if we listen carefully to the words of the aggressors and the collaborators, it is not difficult to see that they say the same thing.

Putin: The special operation is aimed at freeing the Ukrainian people from Nazi Rule, disarming Ukraine and giving it neutral status. We take care of the citizens by demanding that the Nazis make humanitarian corridors and not use civilians as “living shields”.

Governing leaders of the Republic of Moldova: We are peaceful, no one threatens us and no one can threaten us because we are neutral. The fact that Transnistria is a territory occupied by the Russian Federation is only the opinion of some European politicians, and we will not let anyone provoke us. And now it follows the most important message from the leaders in Chisinau: We silently omit the words “Zeklensky” and “the Kyiv government” from the public discourse because we are neutral, so (it is clearly suggested to us) we are not “good Nazis to eliminate”, and helping the refugees fleeing the war (the aggressors and the Nazis) represents our humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people!

Ukraine is now surrounded by three states: East and South – the aggressor state, that’s the Russian Federation; North – its allied state, Belarus; West – the Republic of Moldova, a collaborationist state, disguised puppet and model of a neutral, obedient, disarmed state, a good model to follow for another Ukraine – denazified, neutral, disarmed, obedient!

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